Maxim W. Furek/ Musical Bio

Maxim Furek is among the first wave of Pennsylvania Rock Journalists and founder of Timothy: Northeastern Pennsylvania’s First Music Publication, a newspaper created “to promote Northeastern Pennsylvania’s musical talent.” At that time, The Buoy’s “Timothy” (1971) had been the region’s most successful rock song. Curiously, through a strange sequence of events, Timothy Magazine evolved into the highly successful Pennsylvania Musician and Maryland Musician.

The cultishly popular Jordan Brothers from Frackville became the focus of Furek’s first book, The Jordan Brothers, a Musical Biography of Rock’s Fortunate Sons (1986). The Jordan’s were the first group to release “Gimme Some Lovin’” – even though England’s Spencer Davis Group had written it.On November 12, 2011, Furek inducted the Jordan Brothers into the Schuylkill County Council of the Arts Hall of Fame.

He has written for Goldmine, Kahuna Valley Press, The Merchant, Record Collector’s Monthly, The Paper, Sunday Independent, Time Out (Press Enterprise) and others and has composed LP liner notes for Hybrid Ice and the Glass Prism. His work-in-progress is titled Celebrity Blood Voyeurism. The text investigates the public’s pathological obsession with celebrity self-destruction.

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