I finished the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Easy, smooth read. Informative and thought provoking. Very impressed with the amount of research you did. In final analysis, I think just the one chapter devoted to Timothy was enough. There was plenty of other good stuff.

Very interesting and obviously extensively researched. New insight into what is now a legendary news event.

This talented author obvious intensive research is fully rewarding, his knowledge of “Coal Region” events is extensive and accurate. One of my biggest rewards in reading this book was knowing that history will be preserved for future generations. Author leaves conclusion on Mythology for reader to decide and, the music connection adds another layer of flavor to the mix. Was a book you couldn’t put down, read from start to finish. Excellent reading, fascinating, interesting, highly recommend!

Well researched, well written chronicle of a nearly forgotten event. The author explores the factual, spiritual, psychological, political, and economic issues of a coal mining disaster and of the Pennsylvania mining industry of the mid-twentieth century. Fascinating read.

Fascinating read! I grew up in the Coal Region of Pennsylvania and knew of the Sheppton incident but not many details. The author’s extensive research is evident as he delves into the possibilities of what really happened deep underground in Sheppton. Highly recommended not only for mining history buffs, but also those with an interest in the supernatural.

In worldwide attention. The public was patiently waiting to hear if or when there would be a rescue. This book tells about the mystery, adventure and intrigue involved. It weaves through a number of interesting scenarios to solve the mystery and the miracle of the rescue. Personal recollections from the miners about supernatural beings, a Golden stairway and visits from Pope XIII are included. It also tells of the speculation of a connection with the song “Timothy” about cannibalism. Well researched and a good read.

Dr Spyro:
Couldn’t put it down. Very well-researched and well written. A complex story with huge implications (maybe), and the author does not flinch. I still don’t know EXACTLY what happened in that mine. No one does. No one ever will.

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